Cardiff Half Marathon

My relationship with the CHM and with R4W feels like an extension of my family. My son, Charlie, was born in April 2012 with Run 4 Wales registered as a company a month later. Over the past 8 years, the growth and development of both has given me incredible pleasure, as well as a few difficult moments, but I’m optimistic about their futures.

The CHM has always been the flagship event in the R4W event calendar and its place in the world of half-marathons is now secure. This profile is a direct result of the dedication, commitment and ambition of the R4W team to turn a good event into a truly great event. We have come a long way.          

I’m immensely proud of the wider R4W team, including the Extra Milers, our essential suppliers, the race stewards and the residents of the city of Cardiff who have all played their part in creating a world class event.

The 2020 CHM would have been the 10th half marathon that R4W has delivered, including the World Half Marathon in March 2016. 2020 would also have been the first in the SuperHalfs series; the recognition that Cardiff sits in the top league of international half marathons. World Athletics has also awarded a Gold Label to Cardiff, an accolade bestowed on only the top tier of World events.

On CHM weekend, I always love to walk around the iconic start line, race village and finish line the night before the event. It reminds me of all the hard work to get there and provides a moment to reflect just how big the event has grown since its early years. It always brings a smile to my face as the Saturday-night revellers head home a few hours before 27,500 runners line up on the same roads. 

The CHM now occupies a special place in the Welsh sporting calendar.  There is a magical and unique atmosphere on the morning of event day, a real buzz in the city and sense of anticipation. Later in the morning, the sheer exhilaration and sense of achievement of the thousands of runners crossing the finish line is a sight to behold.  

This year, the first Sunday in October will be a bit quieter, but I’m sure that the love for the CHM will mean that the event will bounce back in 2021 and will continue to provide thousands of runners with a world class experience for years to come. 

Matt Newman, Chief Executive, Run 4 Wales