Cardiff Half Marathon

Our A-Z of the Cardiff Half

To celebrate the Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon’s 15th year, we’ve put together an A-Z of all things to expect on October 7th.

Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to this year!

A – Atmosphere. Standing next to Cardiff Castle surrounded by tens and thousands of runners and spectators. What a start!

B – Banners. ‘Touch for power’, ‘You think you’re tired? We’ve been holding onto this banner since 9:00am’… lots and lots of motivational (?) banners.

C – Cardiff University. Our Title Partner. We’re expecting to see plenty of #TeamCardiff runners again this year!

D – Deafening noise. As you turn the corner to run down Cathays Terrace, the noise is like no other. Music, yelling crowds and your mind shouting ‘STOP THIS’.

E – Entertainment. And plenty of it banded throughout different parts of the route. At least you’ll have brief moments of fun amidst the ongoing hell. Of course, we’re kidding.


F – Fancy dress. Medieval knights, Elmo, Smurfs, Clowns. What have we got in store this year?

G – Gels. Boy are these handy. Just as you think your body is giving up on you, an energy gel gives you that second wind.

H – Hell. It’s not going to be like you dreamed of unfortunately. There will be moments where you’d rather just stop and crawl the rest of the way.

I – Isotonic drinks. See ‘G’. Vital for just making it to the end.

J – Jelly legs… or babies? Either or, really. Jelly babies will aid in getting your jelly legs over the finish line.

K – Kudos. To our runners, volunteers, officials and everyone who puts in the hard yards to make this happen. We doff our caps to you.

L – Lactic acid. A long distance running classic and inevitability. That deep burn in your legs is your body telling you to take it easy, but that’s not in your nature, is it?

M – Medals. Add another beautiful chunk of glorious goodness to your collection. Wear it for at least a week. You’ve earned this.

N – NSPCC. Expect to see a lot of runners fundraising for our Lead Charity Partner as part of #TeamNSPCC, a team striving to keep children safe.

O – Overwhelming. A mass participation event can be just that, but our best advice is to drink in the atmosphere and absorb the memories!

P – Penarth Marina. Another hotspot for our route, taking in lovely little Penarth around the 4th mile just before heading onto the picturesque Cardiff Bay Barrage.

Q – Queasy. That feeling you get as you come to a halt just after crossing the finish line. It feels weird not to be running anymore. Just play it cool and ride it out.

R – Roath Park. Our most beautiful part of the run. Circling Roath Lake, runners revel in a relaxing setting. Who are we kidding? At this point, their legs and heads have gone – what lake?

S – Spectators. Thousands of strangers coming out to support strangers and tell them how great they are. It makes complete and utter sense.

T – Twelfth mile, Fairoak Road. See ‘H’. This is our mini version of hell. It’s a generally flat course, but that incline on Fairoak Road can really take your legs by surprise.

U – Unconditional support. Throughout pretty much the whole route, you’ll be surrounded by fans, friends and family out in force to help you through the struggles of a half marathon.

V – Volunteers. The day simply would not be possible without our group of dedicated volunteers who give up their time to make your experience an even better one.

W – Water. Thanks to Brecon Carreg, our runners don’t have to worry about becoming dehydrated on their 13.1 mile adventure.

X – X marks the spot. We bet that, post-race, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where in your body the aches and pains are. Get yourself a massage.

Y – Yikes. That moment when you’re stood on the start line and think, ‘Wow, just 13.1 miles to go’. Yeah, it’s totally normal. Gulp.

Z – Zzzs. Those precious, precious zzzs. That night’s sleep post-Half will be some of the best winks you’ll ever have. It’s guaranteed.

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