Cardiff Half Marathon

#WhyWeRun journey ramps up for chosen 100

The army of 100 female runners taking on the challenge of a lifetime at the Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon were given one last slice of inspiration before the big day.

The Run Wales 100 are less than a month away from the daunting 13.1 miles of the Cardiff Half Marathon. But the group came together at Cardiff University for some final words of wisdom from a pair elite athletes with their own inspiring stories.

Group leader and ultra athlete Lowri Morgan was joined by double world triathlon champion Helen Jenkins – who will run the Cardiff Half just five months after giving birth to her second child – to host a Q&A with the group.

They discussed fitting the training regime around a family and offered advise on the coming weeks and final phase of preparation. With the hard work under their belts, the 100 Club ladies will now focus on taking it easy as they prepare their minds and bodies for race day on October 6th.

With a month to go, the ladies embarked on a 10K training run in nearby Bute Park, but they will now have to step-up their training if they want to get through the iconic but challenging 13.1 mile course around the Welsh capital.

The Run Wales 100 will enjoy a VIP experience on the day, starting from a dedicated Cardiff Castle start wave. Be sure to lend them your support if you see them on the day, they’ll be hard to miss in their fluorescent team t-shirts.

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