Cardiff Half Marathon

As part of the #EinDinas celebration of Wales and the fantastic city of Cardiff, we’re bringing you some of the best Welsh cuisine (and recipes to go with it!).

Have you ever tried any of these?

If you’re visiting Wales for the Wizz Air Cardiff Half on Sunday 2 October, be sure to visit a restaurant or cafe where they sell some of these wonderfully Welsh snacks and meals.

Know any other traditional Welsh dishes you’d recommend to an international runner visiting Wales for the weekend? Get in touch, or let us know on social media!

Welsh Cakes

Where better to start than with Welsh cakes? With the consistency of bread and the sweetness of cake, a Welsh cake is an undeniable taste of Wales!

Find them virtually everywhere in the capital, including the cafes along Castle Street which forms the start of the iconic half.

Bara Brith

Claimed to have been invented by a Welsh chef, Bara Brith directly translates as ‘Speckled Bread’ due to the raisins, but we’ve gone with calling it a tea cake due to its ease in eating.

A perfect snack! Find Bara Brith in Cardiff on race weekend from Pettigrew Tea Rooms, Bute Park.

Welsh Rarebit

Delicious melted cheese on top of bread, where could you possibly go wrong?

Did you know, it was previously called ‘Welsh Rabbit’ before changes in language shifted it towards ‘Rarebit’, probably down to the fact no rabbits form this simple delicacy!

Find this in Cardiff at the Potted Pig on the High Street.

Lamb Cawl

A hearty, warm dish dating back to the 14th century, when it was served for special occasions and events.

Easy to make at home, and one we’d suggest having to celebrate your success on the evening of Sunday 2 October!

To be found at: Pitch Bar & Eatery, Mill Lane.