Cardiff Half Marathon

Well done #TeamBarnardos

We are beaming with pride!

Well done to every single member of #TeamBarnardos who took part in the Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon!

We are in awe or your hard work and determination, seeing most of you at the Barnardo’s Cardiff Half Marathon Party afterwards was great and we’re so glad we got to thank you in person.

So far you’ve raised £10,000 which can truly change the lives of so many children in Wales.

We have nearly 100 specialised services in Wales that help children with all sorts of issues, from young careers, to children with a disability, to family support centres.

Our services around Wales will now benefit from the money you have raised! Thank you!

Thinking you can do more? Or still ecstatic from crossing the finish line? Run for Barnardo’s in 2017 and help us help even more children across Wales.

Click here to sign up to Run for Barnardo’s at the 2017 Cardiff Half Marathon, and select the Barnardo’s Fundraiser Entry Option.

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