Cardiff Half Marathon

Turn Your Finish Line Thrill Into Life-Changing Dementia Support

There are currently an estimated 50,000 people with living with dementia in Wales. It’s the UK’s biggest killer.  There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease or any other type of dementia. Dementia research is desperately underfunded and there are not enough dementia researchers or clinicians.

Until the day we find a cure, Alzheimer’s Society will be there to make sure nobody faces it alone. Join Team Alzheimer’s Society at the Cardiff Half Marathon and help fund life-changing dementia support.

Graham Bond, who is 73, was diagnosed with mixed dementia in 2017. He lives with his carer in Wales.

“In 2016, I knew that my brain had changed. I could hold a conversation fine, but huge bits of my memory had gone. I didn’t remember my kids when they were growing up – even as young adults.

 I don’t remember exactly what led to my diagnosis, but I remember that the Memory Clinic sent people out to do tests, and then I got a diagnosis.”

 It was the Memory Clinic that recommended Alzheimer’s Society.

“Alzheimer’s Society has been amazing for me. I genuinely don’t know what I would have done without them. They are marvelous. I wouldn’t have coped without them.

 They helped organise coach trips to art galleries and museums. I have talked about my dementia with health workers and given speeches on it. They paired me up with a volunteer, Gary, and we would go walking together. I love walking. But now I need to take my mobile phone to help me not get lost.

 Alzheimer’s Society helped me get my Power of Attorney sorted out. I was really worried about my finances, and it was a massive relief when I got that in place.

My real passion is dancing. I only started about 13 years ago when I was 60. I went to one line dancing class, and it just clicked. Then I heard there was a ballroom class as well, and a group of us went to that too. I love it.”

Help us be there for more people Like Graham. Join team Alzheimer’s Society at the Cardiff Half Marathon and help to fund life-saving dementia research, and provide life-changing dementia support.

Turn your finish line thrill into life-changing dementia research. Your race day nerves into hope for future generations.  When you take on the Cardiff Half Marathon you will help to make a difference for thousands of families up and down the UK.

If you’d like to hear more about Alzheimer’s Society and the services we offer, visit our website.

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