Cardiff Half Marathon

The Brecon Carreg Pasta Party Speakers!

The team at Brecon Carreg will be hosting a Pasta Party on the Saturday before the Cardiff Half Marathon! The party is a chance for those part of the 100 Club and beyond to get social, carb-load and get in the right frame of mind ahead of race day!

We’ll be hearing from a number of running experts on the day, too:


Beverley Logan is a 40-year-old mum of 2 from Neath who spent the first 35 years of her life dodging PE and hating any form of exercise! But one cold January evening she started couch25k (only because she was too cheap to join a gym) and suffice to say it changed her life! Not only did she discover a love of running she never expected but also a way to keep the daily stresses at bay!

Fast forward 5 years and a London Marathon later and you’ll find Bev still running and also now working full time as the proud founder of the Badass Mother Runners brand and online community.  Initially set up in 2018 as a small side hustle to try and help Bev regain some much-needed confidence and cope with the depression and anxiety she found herself battling after being sacked by her former employer. 

What started 3 years ago with a simple Instagram page and one small box of hoodies has gone on to become a multi-award-winning business with an extensive catalogue of Badass branded technical running kit that is shipped all over the world! 

Badass Mother Runners is a global online community that helps to instil a sense of motivation and belonging amongst mums. No pressure. No competition. Just a genuine feeling of ‘hell yeah, I just did that!’


My name is Jimmy Watkins, and I’m the co-creator of Running Punks. I used to be a professional athlete, and in 2006 I ran in the 800m final at the World Championships in Moscow. It seemed I had a good future in athletics ahead of me, but in 2008 I retired early from the sport to start a rock band. I was a member of Future of the Left from 2010 to 2015, and then I left to start my own band The Vega Bodegas. I’ve toured the world as an athlete and a musician. Running Punks is my full time job, and it’s where my love of running and music have combined to inspire others to get active, discover new music and to live a healthier lifestyle. I run and review music, and my videos have been shared by Run The Jewels, Idles, Tom Jones and many more. 


Cardiff mum Kerrie Aldridge captured the heart of the nation after her videos from the 2019 London Marathon went viral. Kerrie was the last official finisher and completed the gruelling race when most water stations and supporters had all gone home. 

Kerrie started running on New Year’s  Day in 2018 during a difficult period of her life. With her determination, positive attitude and kind heart she is an inspiration to us all. 

Kerrie will be tackling Cardiff half this year for the third time and no doubt is on a mission for a PB!

Want to get social and be involved? Fill in this application form to be there. Winners will be selected on a first-come, first-serve based!

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