Cardiff Half Marathon

The race will be delivered as a ‘Breathable Event’ in March 2022

Following the easing of restrictions on outdoor events, the race which will be delivered as a ‘Breathable Event’ with a number of protective measures in place – will provide a great event-day experience with a focus on personal responsibility and safety.

A number of additional measures will be in place to protect the health and safety of participants, event staff, volunteers and the wider public.

Our COVID Safety Guide (which can be viewed below) details all of the measures that will be in place to ensure safety and prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Attendees are expected to take personal responsibility to help keep everyone safe.

For the event taking place in October 2022, appropriate measures will be put in place depending on the public health context at the time.

Training and Racing after COVID-19 Infection

COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the UK. If you have recently suffered (or tested positive with no symptoms) you should consider whether you will take part this weekend.

If you have been infected in the last 2-3 weeks and have not been able to train normally, it may not be safe for you to participate. If you’re unsure, seek medical advice especially if you have had any of the following symptoms when returning to training: shortness of breath, headaches, palpitations, unusually high heart rate, unusually high perceived effort during exercise or fatigue.

Races are physically exerting. Please remember that your health and the safety of others is more important than missing out on a race. If you develop any COVID-19 symptoms in the coming days, it is recommended not to participate.

COVID Passes

A ‘COVID Pass’ certification system has been introduced by the Welsh Government, requiring people to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to attend large events.

Due to the exceptionally low risk of outdoor mass participation events, and the difficulties in implementing a COVID Pass check at an open city-centre venue, it has been confirmed to us by the Welsh Government that an exemption will apply to these types of events, so you will not need to present a COVID pass to attend.

We encourage runners to take personal responsibility by taking a free lateral flow test 24 hours before the event and not attending if they test positive (or show any symptoms of COVID-19).