Cardiff Half Marathon

SuperHalfs celebration at Cardiff Half Marathon

The inaugural SuperHalfs Series may not begin until next 2020, but this year’s Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon will provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate the city’s inclusion in the innovative international series.

Last month Wales’ largest mass-participation event joined forces with four of the world’s most beautiful half marathons to form the brand new international series with the runners at its heart. 

The SuperCities of Cardiff, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Valencia and Prague have united under the same banner with the aim of promoting running, tourism and environmental sustainability in each of the member cities.

The 27,500 runners at this year’s Cardiff Half on Sunday 6th October will get an eye catching reminder of what’s in store next year. 

The series offers running enthusiasts the unique opportunity to map out their own running adventure whilst being rewarded for their efforts with exclusive benefits. All runners have to do to begin their journey is sign up for any of the SuperHalfs races in 2020. 

After completing the first race on the SuperHalfs calendar, participants will receive a SuperPassport and from then on after each race, an e-stamp will appear on this virtual and personalized ‘document’. Runners have 36 months to complete the series and become a SuperRunner to unlock one of a kind rewards including a SuperMedal.

The SuperHalfs hosts will offer the best experience to runners, whilst committing to improving environmental sustainability. Every event will strive to reduce their own carbon footprint with the common goal of becoming the most sustainable collection of half marathons worldwide.

Matt Newman Chief Executive of Cardiff Half Marathon organisers Run 4 Wales said: “The SuperHalfs series will arrive next year to give our committed Cardiff Half runners an opportunity to explore while doing something they love. Runners will get a glimpse of the instantly recognisable SuperHalfs branding on race day as we prepare to open up a new world of running opportunities for participants.

“With more people running worldwide than ever before, this is the perfect time for five of the world’s leading half marathons to unite for this innovative international series. 

SuperHalfs will give committed runners and experience seekers a new opportunity to see the world while doing what they love. It’s a big victory for not  only runners, but the cities themselves. A new wave of running tourists will flood each city, while the sustainability pledge made by each event paves the way for a more sustainable future.”

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