Cardiff Half Marathon

Run, Refuel, Recycle at the 2019 Cardiff Half

The Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon and Brecon Carreg are throwing their support behind the Recycle for Wales Run, Refuel, Recycle campaign for a fourth successive year.

The 25,000 runners at this year’s sold-out Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon are being encouraged to run, refuel with Brecon Carreg’s natural source mineral water and then recycle at the clearly signed points along the iconic 13.1 mile course.

Wales currently boasts the highest recycling rates in the UK, making us third best in Europe and third best in the world. Recycle for Wales would like to encourage people across the country to recycle all they can to help Wales become the best recyclers on the planet.

To put things into context, if every Cardiff Half Marathon runner recycled one plastic water bottle, it would save enough energy to power Cardiff Bay Barrage with electricity for more than two days.

Angela Spiteri from Recycle for Wales, said: “With people in Wales recycling more than ever before, we’re well ahead of the field and our world rankings reflect that. We’re delighted to be teaming up with Run 4 Wales and Brecon Carreg to encourage all runners and spectators to keep Wales running up the rankings by recycling everything you can, both at the event and at home.

Brecon Carreg’s vision is to become fully circular and contribute to the health of the environment and people. The Welsh water brand have launched their ‘Source of Change’ sustainable packaging strategy 2025, which aims to use 100% recycled or reusable bottles and packaging by 2025.

Jenna Bissell, Marketing & CSR manager for Brecon Carreg Mineral Water said: “We’re thrilled to be involved with the Run Refuel Recycle campaign again. Our consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their consumption on the environment and we share this concern. Plastic bottles contribute to the overall problem of plastic pollution.

“Brecon Carreg wants to address this changing context in a meaningful and ambitious way. Our ‘Source of Change’ packaging strategy is clustered around 4 key drivers: Reinvent, Reduce, Recycle and Restore. Transparency and partnerships are fundamentally underlying this strategy. As such Brecon Carreg are proud to be key partners in Run Refuel Recycle for its fourth year.”

Each and every Cardiff Half race brochure is made up of recycled paper as Run 4 Wales continue to work on an green action plan, implementing a thorough environmental policy that aims to reduce waste.

About Recycle for Wales

Recycle for Wales is a campaign to encourage people in Wales to recycle more things more often from all around the home. Recycle for Wales is grant funded by the Welsh Government to encourage behaviour change across Wales to reduce the amount of waste produced and use resources in an efficient way in order to meet the Welsh Government’s ambitious target of being a zero-waste nation by 2050.

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