Cardiff Half Marathon

Race day… in 28 photos!

The Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon is closing in on yet another sell out with 80% of entries now sold. We know a lot of you will be taking on the iconic race through Wales’ capital city for the first time this October, so we’ve decided to make it just a little bit easier to visualise how the day might go. This is when you start to get very excited…

Please don’t come onto the start line before a warm up…

Heading to the Event Village. Time to suit up…

And then find your pen and enter the den. No turning back now…

I shall be keeping my eye on you.

Look out for our cameras too. No better way to ease the post-race nerves than a crazy pose…

Stretching, done. National anthem, sung. And then, we are OFF!

The rousing crowd support can be quite overwhelming… Don’t let this interrupt your stride! Soak it up.

So, this is *actually* OK? What’s the catch?

These two (or one?) are beating me. I’m not even mad.

Onto the Cardiff Bay Barrage. Those views!

And we’re getting to half way. This is amazing.

Wow. He loves Wales, I guess.

Ok, legs starting to get sore – but at least the crowd are still great? Kudos to you.

Ah, the pain. Wait, what? These guys are still ahead? That’s definitely not OK anymore.

Perfect timing.

Those trusty volunteers. Where would we be without them?

Roath Lake. The care home support. I’ve heard all about this!

Yep. Could work.

Must. Keep. Pushing. I feel like how I’d imagine these guys feel, but without the backpacks.

The hard work is done. The crowd support is ramping up. Must be Cathays Terrace and the start of the end!

One final corner. Time to start looking less in pain than I am.

All those hours of training for this moment. Drink it in.

And this… is what Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon success feels like.

And this.

Let me just capture the moment I ran a half marathon. I can’t leave without proof.

Made a new best friend, too.

They ran HOW quickly?

Well, that just flew by. I think I’ll be back next year.



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