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Prostate Cancer UK are trying to find a screening programme to catch prostate cancer early

Catching prostate cancer early gives men the best chance of a full recovery. And a screening programme – where at-risk men are regularly tested for prostate cancer – is the best way to do this.  

A screening programme would aim to diagnose prostate cancer earlier and more accurately, helping more men who need treatment get it sooner, and ultimately save more lives. For a test to be approved for use in a screening programme it must meet a number of criteria. It’s got to be easily accessible, affordable, and provide information that will lead to improved survival.  

Prostate Cancer UK’s aim is to find that test and an exciting new project called PRIME, being led by Dr Veeru Kasivisvanathan, could be the answer. 

Dr Veeru Kasivisvanathan 
University College London 

Prostate Cancer UK John Black Charitable Foundation Travelling Prize Fellowship award recipient 

“PRIME is a clinical trial to see whether a shortened version of MRI called bi parametric MRI (bpMRI), can be used instead of the standard full version, multi parametric MRI (mpMRI), to find out if men have prostate cancer. 

“Using bpMRI instead of mpMRI in a screening programme would be more feasible as it’s quicker, more affordable and doesn’t require a doctor present.  It could double the number of men receiving a scan in the same time.” 

“Within a few years we’ll know if bpMRI meets the criteria for a screening programme. If it does, then we could push for a rollout of the test as a screening programme through the NHS.” 

Catching cancer earlier is the best way to stop it killing men. Run for Prostate Cancer UK at the Cardiff Half Marathon and the money you raise will help fund research which could lead to a screening programme. Let’s keep more men with their loving families for longer. 

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