Cardiff Half Marathon

NSPCC Runner Cari Bell’s Story

For several months, Cari Bell has been working tirelessly as an NHS key worker battling COVID-19. She’s all the more aware of the impact the pandemic has had on people already struggling, and has signed up to take part in the Cardiff Half Marathon 2021.

Cari chose to run with #TeamNSPCC for the event because she believes that services such as Childline are “vitally important in times such as these”, giving lonely and at-risk children a chance to talk to someone confidentially when they need it most.

Despite the demands of her role with the NHS, Cari is determined to push through the end-of-the-day exhaustion, even if only to walk her dog, as she knows that every small effort adds up. Around her work commitments, Cari will build up her strength by walking, running and cycling around her hilly local area, “setting little tasks for [herself] to keep fit.”

Cari has set up a Just Giving page and is thrilled to see that she has already collected over a third of her expected total, thanks to the support of generous friends. By posting links from her Strava fitness app onto the fundraising page, Cari hopes to show her commitment and inspire further donations, “even if only a small amount” as it, “goes a long way.” We agree that Cari’s participation in the Cardiff Half Marathon is, “something to be proud of” and value her advice to others to, “think of kids who are lonely and don’t know what to do in their situations” and use this as motivation to join us.

We want to wish Cari the best of luck with her training and fundraising and hugely admire her decision to prioritise the needs of others at this challenging time. It is thanks to people like her that we can continue to be here for children.

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