Cardiff Half Marathon

Meet The Hoka Pacers!

If you’re looking to achieve a target finish time at the Wizz Air Cardiff Half Marathon, rest assured that the HOKA pacers will be on hand to help.

Built by runners for runners, HOKA running shoes elevate your potential on the track, in the field and on the road. Their strapline is “Fly Human Fly”, which makes them the perfect pacing partner!

They are a friendly bunch that will run with sail flags corresponding to a number of target finish times, including 1:30, 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45 and 3:00 hours. They will be situated at the front and back of the various starting pens, so find the closest to you whilst you wait for the race to begin!

Some start pens will have multiple pacers running at the same pace, so just find the one closest to you.

They are there to enhance your experience, support you during the race and encourage you all the way to the finish.

We managed to catch up with them to find out more…

Michelle Amblin – 2:00 pacer

Amblin by name but not ambling by nature. The speedy Les Croupiers RC member has plenty of pacing experience behind her. She is also a guide runner for blind athletes.

Her favourite landmark on the route of the Wizz Air Cardiff Half Marathon is the barrage and the docks area because it is where she grew up.

Tips for race day? Feeling nervous is natural so take the pressure off, relax and just enjoy it.

Gabrielius Stuokus – 1:45 pacer

Gabrielius has been a pacer at a number of events including the Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay Run and ABP Barry Island 10K.

He became a pacer to help runners achieve their race goals and to support them on the course.

Tips for race day? Don’t start too quickly. If you overcook it in the first couple of miles, you won’t get that consistency back. Study the course and have a mini-plan for you’d like the race to. And have a plan B too.

Rhys Cadogan – 2:00 pacer

Rhys’s proudest running moment came when he first completed a marathon. He became a pacer so he could give something back to the running community and people achieve their personal bests.

His favourite spot on the course is the barrage because it’s a beautiful stretch that ends with big crowds and lots of music.

Tips for race day? If you like to work towards a PB, use the pacers because we can really support you through the race. But don’t forget to enjoy it and have fun! PS – pop some plasters or tape over your nipples to avoid friction burns. (Ouch!)

Lisa Nicholls – 2:15 pacer

Lisa became a pacer to help runners achieve their dreams and realise their potential. A member of Lliswerry Runners, she has been a pacer at Cardiff Half Marathon for a few years.

Her favourite part of the course is the start-line in front of Cardiff Castle.

Tips for race day? Many runners don’t always achieve their target time goal because they get swept up with a faster group. Stick with your pacer. They will get you there. But finish lines are more important than finish times!

Ben Jones – 2:00 pacer

The Wizz Air Cardiff Half Marathon 2022 will be Ben’s first experience as an official pacer and he can’t wait! He has used pacers at previous Cardiff Halfs and would now like to return the favour.

His favourite Cardiff landmark on the course is Roath Lake because it’s towards the end of the race and because there are lots of crowds to give the motivation you need at a tough stage of the race.

Tips for race day? It’s very easy to get swept up in the occasion of the day or get into a little race with someone stood next to you at the start line, so just remember your own goal.

Martin Green – 2:15 pacer

His favourite running quote that keeps him motivated is “Shuts up legs!” A pacer at parkrun and events with his club, the Pontypridd Roadents AC, Martin is also a qualified run leader.

His proudest running moment came when he completed the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon in under two hours.

Tips for the race day? Hydrate, listen to your body and don’t look at your watch!

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