Cardiff Half Marathon

#EinDinas; Celebrating Wales, Cardiff And Offering A Warm Welcome!

With a record number of runners from outside Wales, both from overseas and across the UK, expected to take on the streets of Cardiff at the Wizz Air Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday 2 October, we’re thrilled to officially announce the launch of the #EinDinas campaign, celebrating Wales and Cardiff and offering a warm welcome to the international runners visiting Wales on race week.

‘Ein Dinas’ directly translates to ‘Our City’ in Welsh, and is potentially a first look at the Welsh Language for many of the runners visiting from all over Europe and the globe in October.

Over the coming weeks in the lead up to race weekend, we’ll be giving runners and the Cardiff Half community a taste of Wales, from our rich history to sporting culture. The campaign has already covered a brief history in Castles, with Wales boasting the most castles per square metre than any other country in the world.

From Welsh cuisine and recipes to what is to come in the #EinDinas campaign, there’s plenty for international and British runners to read about and discover in Wales.

The Welsh Language plays a huge part in Welsh culture and history, which is why the campaign is named in Welsh. A big part of the theme for this year’s iconic 13.1 mile race is to educate runners on the importance of Welsh, which is now a language on the rise due to committed efforts from the nation’s speakers and government.

#EinDinas aims to not only celebrate Wales, but offer a welcoming hand to our culture and history, and make runners feel at home when they line up on Castle Street at 10am on Sunday 2 October. You can find out more about the #EinDinas campaign here.

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