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#ChooseYou – Exercise for better mental health!

Here at Run 4 Wales, much of what we do stems from wanting to improve community wellbeing and physical health. Those two things, in our opinion, intertwine and that’s one of the reasons we love to deliver events.

The science behind it is fascinating, but we should not take it for granted. As part of the #ChooseYou campaign and in collaboration with title partners Cardiff University, we’re taking a closer look at exercise and getting active as a way to wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

How does exercise directly impact upon our health?

It’s fun and sociable

Let’s start at the most simple point. Exercise is genuinely fun, makes you feel better instantly and is inherently social – with lots of exercise done in groups, with partners or with clubs. Many of you already know this, but exercise makes your body release endorphins, the ‘happy’ chemicals. The science is there, and that’s why even after a rainy, sometimes torturous run, you still feel great.

Improved sleep

Keeping active throughout the day keeps your mind going. A gentle pulse raiser, from walking to lifting small weights all contribute to biological processes in the brain that mean when you come to winding down in the evening, you’ll drift off better than ever.

Improved mental health

We see inspirational stories from our runners every day at Run 4 Wales. The impact of running on mental health is simply astonishing. Exercise has been proven to reduce depression and anxiety by improving the functions in your brain. You can think clearly, have an improved state of mind and great self-esteem. It’s a win-win.

Better physical health

It’s not often we think of our physical health alongside our mental health, but the two go hand in hand. Exercise reduces blood pressure, helps us control our weight, betters our heart health and well, just about does everything for our body. In return, we feel fantastic for our better physical health.

Exercise, and it doesn’t have to be strenuous, is one of the most important ways to wellbeing. So today, take a walk, go for a gentle jog, head to the gym or go for a cycle with a friend. We guarantee you’ll be feeling better!

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