Cardiff Half Marathon

Brecon Carreg’s top tips for optimising your training

Preparation is key and it’s important to maintain your hydration levels during your training. A study has shown that running times were slower and core temperature higher in runners that were dehydrated. You’ve come too far to let dehydration slow you down so here are our top tips to maximise your hard work.


Drink lots of water


It may sound obvious but being dehydrated means your heart works harder to pump oxygen to your muscles, resulting in a much more difficult run and a loss of pace. To maintain a level of hydration, keep a bottle of water on hand at all times and sip every 20 minutes during exercise for a greater freedom of movement. Our 500ml sports cap bottle is ideal for hydrating on the go and easy to run with.




Don’t be too quick to choose sugary energy drinks to revitalise after a workout. Along with stretches and a warm-down, drinking plenty of water before, during and after you train is a healthy way of replacing the nutrients lost through exercise.


Eat smarter


Foods like fruit and vegetables or soups and stews contain high amounts of water that contribute to your recommended 2.5L daily intake. Whether it’s hot and you need a refreshing snack or the weather is miserable and you want to warm up, there are choices available that help avoid a dry mouth. Of course, don’t forget your healthy carbs when preparing for the race.


Cut down the alcohol


It seems simple but reducing your alcohol intake helps your body to prepare for the race. It decreases the risk of injury and your muscles can recover faster. If you do like to indulge in a drink from time to time, remember to have a glass of water between each drink to compensate for the dehydrating effects of alcohol.


What have we learnt from our top tips? Drink water, recover, eat smarter and cut down on alcohol. Of course, these won’t make you a top marathon runner overnight, you need to put the effort in for that achievement, but they may make your journey a little easier.


Good luck!


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