Cardiff Half Marathon

Brecon Carreg’s Plogging Heroes Help To Attain 96% Recycling Rate At Cardiff Half

Brecon Carreg’s fantastic team of Ploggers, those who pick up litter at the same time as jogging, helped us to achieve a 96% recycling rate at this year’s Cardiff Half Marathon.

The recycling rate comes as a wider effort from event organisers Run 4 Wales to deliver more sustainable events with minimal impact on the environment, with help of Sustainability Action Group partners like Brecon Carreg.

Plogging has been a major part of Run 4 Wales’ events in 2022, with Brecon Carreg’s team turning out at virtually every event to keep the towns and cities in the same state they were found in.

Matt Newman, CEO of Run 4 Wales who organised the Cardiff Half said: The plogging team at Brecon Carreg have become an integral part of our events in 2022, maintaining high recycling standards and becoming a major part of our sustainability agenda as we look to have as little of an impact of cities like Cardiff as possible.

It was great to see the Ploggers coming through on the finish line with bags that will have contributed to another successful recycling rate at our flagship event, the Cardiff Half Marathon’

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