Cardiff Half Marathon

51% Recycled Plastic Bottles At The Cardiff Half

As part of Run 4 Wales’ launch of the Sustainability Action Group, official Cardiff Half Marathon partner Brecon Carreg are thrilled to announce that every bottle used t hydrate runners at this year’s Cardiff Half (and beyond!) will contain 51% recycled plastic.

The all-new Sustainability Action Group is made up of Run 4 Wales partners who are like-minded organisations coming together and working with R4W to promote, share knowledge and take action surrounding the climate issue. The group aims to set out a sustainability strategy and links into R4W’s Green Action Plan, a set of ‘green’ actions used to make transparent the long and short-term objectives of R4W.

Not only is the group committed to making impactful change in the events industry, but the changes made over the long and short-term will mean that you, the runners, will have an improved event experience and a reduced carbon footprint.

This is one of many steps for Brecon Carreg towards a more sustainable future and is a big step closer to our goal of using 100% recycled or reused material in all of our packaging by 2025. You can read more about their ambitious packaging and sustainability commitments here.

The 330ml bottles are the smallest bottles Brecon Carreg produce which ensures runners are suitably hydrated whilst minimising the amount of plastic used on the course.

Brecon Carreg Brand Manager, Eleri Morgan, said: “This is a huge step forward in our sustainability and packaging commitments at Brecon Carreg. We know how hard Run 4 Wales work to reduce the environmental impact of their races so we are very proud to be using 51% recycled bottles at the Cardiff Half.”

Run 4 Wales Chief Executive Matt Newman said: “As a company who are determined to lead the way towards a more sustainable future in the events industry, we were delighted when Brecon Carreg announced the launch of their 51 percent recycled plastic bottles. To achieve our environmental ambitions, we recognise the need to be brave in pioneering new options, engaging participants in our goals and challenging the status quo in the mass participation sports event industry.”

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