If you can no longer take part in the Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon due to injury, illness or other circumstances, you have until the 12th August at midnight to transfer your entry to another runner so you can receive a refund.  You will find a transfer link in the confirmation email you received when you signed up, or you can long into your ACTIVE account with your email address and password by clicking here.

If you are looking to transfer your spot to another runner, or alternatively are hoping to get lucky and find someone willing to transfer their spot to you, the best place to look is the official Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon 2019 Facebook Event. Here, you’ll find runners occasionally posting their place or that they are looking for a spot. Keep an eye out. Once the transfer deadline has passed, we will be deleting all posts which relate to transfers.

Any transfer to another participant will be subject to a transfer fee of £5.80, plus any price difference of race category transfer (if the participant who is transferring purchased a cheaper category race entry). The transfer fee will be reduced from the refund you receive.

Transfers are conducted through our online entry system, ACTIVE:

  • Existing participant generates a transfer link
  • Existing participant sends transfer link to runner wishing to take their un-used space
  • New runner signs up for the race, paying full price for their entry
  • Once the registration is complete, existing participant receives refund minus the transfer fee

Our transfer deadline is also your last chance to make any final changes to your entry. These include:

  • Your predicted finish time (this will determine your starting pen)
  • Your postage address (where your race pack will be delivered)
  • Your Welsh language preferences (this will determine whether you get a Cymraeg badge on your runner number)

If you would like to change your t-shirt size, you’ll need to do this by emailing us here. Please let us know the email you used to register and the t-shirt size you would like to change to.

No transfers or changes to entries will be possible past the transfer deadline as race packs (with runners specific medical and address details) go into production after this date.

If you are having problems transferring, you will need to contact us by 4pm on Monday 12th August as we will not be able to deal with technical issues outside of office hours.