Cardiff Half Marathon

Meet Two Of The Virtual Cardiff Half Runners

The virtual Cardiff Half will bring half marathon fanatics together virtually on what would have been race weekend for the Cardiff University Cardiff Half Marathon. From Cardiff to Hawaii, a whole host of different runners will be running their own half marathon this weekend.

For the first time in its history, the virtual Cardiff Half is FREE to enter and can be run, walked or wheeled. It is open to all and is just another reason to celebrate everything that makes the iconic half marathon great.

We got in touch with a couple of the virtual runners ahead of the weekend!

NAME: Renata Pavrey


This will be my first official virtual event in the pandemic era, so I’m quite excited to be part of something. More so, running it with people in different places and time zones. I’m glad that this race has a virtual option, so I can participate with friends from far away. And I’d love to run with them in person! Hopefully I’ll get to meet and run with the lovely and very warm-hearted runners from She Runs Cardiff some time in the future.


I haven’t set any specific goal. The idea was to vicariously enjoy with my Welsh runner friends by running along with them, albeit virtually. Since this is my first virtual race, I’m hoping to finish it. The monsoon season is waning here in India, and I need to be mindful of the October heat and humidity at the time of the event.

NAME: Deborah Parfitt


I am running the Virtual Cardiff  Half Marathon because I need to prove to myself that I can do it, I can push myself, I am strong and not a quitter. Fourteen years ago, aged 40, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, I spent 3 months in hospital, paralysed for much of that time, not knowing if I’d walk again, let alone run. It was a very long, slow and difficult recovery process. 

I began running in lockdown because I couldn’t go to my usual gym sessions. I missed the gym so I reluctantly tried to run, not thinking I could because my balance and energy levels have been compromised by my illness.  Anyway I got out there, gave it a go and surprised myself…. I didn’t fall over!  I am now passionate about running and crave the satisfaction and overall well being that this tough but wonderful exercise has given me. 


This half marathon is a real challenge and I will be completely ecstatic if I can finish it.  No, scratch that, WHEN I finish it! That’s my ambition. 

It’s not too late to sign up for the virtual Cardiff Half from 1-3 October this weekend. Find out more by clicking here.

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