Cardiff Half Marathon

March 2021 Event Transfer Deadline Updated

The deadline for runners registered for the 18th edition of the Cardiff University Cardiff Half Marathon (taking place on Sunday 27 March 2022) to transfer their space to another runner has been brought forward to 31 December 2021 at midnight.

Why this change?

The reason for the change is down to our ability to provide refunds to runners who successfully conduct a transfer (who usually receive a refund of their entry fee to their original payment card once the runner taking their transfer space has completed their registration).

With the event postponed a number of times, registration has now been open for a period of more than 2 years (being launched in October 2019). In compliance with GDPR data protection legislation, our registration platform provider ACTIVE Network are not able to hold the payment information of those registered to our races for a period longer than 24 months, which means processing a refund to those completing a transfer is not possible.

Due to the large number of people making use of our transfer function, it is not possible for us to manually process refunds to those completing a transfer outside of the registration platform to those registered 2 years+ ago.

Can I still make changes to my entry beyond this point?

The deadline to make changes to your entry (such as emergency contact and postage address details) remains the same, with runners able to update their entry until 28 January 2022 at 4pm.

How will the change help?

As the event sold out in January 2020, we hope that by bringing the deadline forward to the 31 December 2021 that the majority of entrants who wish to do so will be able to successfully complete a transfer and receive a refund.

Why are you only making a change to the deadline now?

This issue was unforeseen by R4W and ACTIVE Network and is a knock-on effect of the event postponements triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have never had an event on sale for longer than a 12-month period so this issue has never arisen before.

What If I registered over two years ago?

We understand that the 24-month period will have already passed for runners registered between October – November 2019, so we can already no longer offer them a refund if they successfully conduct a transfer.

We would still like to provide runners registered 2+ years ago the opportunity to transfer their space to another runner so if you are impacted by this and would like to conduct a transfer you may do so but please be aware that you will not automatically be issued a refund upon successfully completing a transfer.

Instead, you will need to forward us your transfer confirmation email by 31 December 2021 and we will be able to issue with a ‘credit note voucher’ instead of a refund that will enable you to enter any future R4W event and use the voucher against the cost of that event.

If the event costs less than your Cardiff Half Marathon entry, you will retain the un-used value for any future purchase. We appreciate this is not ideal but is the only available option to us as we are not able to hold or access your payment information beyond 24 months and cannot process refunds informally outside of the registration platform.

All credit note vouchers will be issued/applied to your account by 28 January 2022.

Our terms and conditions state that we reserve the right to amend the transfer deadline and it is with regret that we are having to do so in this instance. We hope that by communicating the new deadline and an alternative option for those registered over 24 months ago that those wishing to transfer their space to another runner will be able to do so.

How do I know when I registered?

You can check your registration date via your confirmation email or by logging in to check your entry at Login then select ‘Registration & QR Code’ to view an order summary which includes your registration date.

How do I conduct a person-to-person transfer?

Instructions on how to transfer an entry or update your entry details can be found by clicking below.

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Never swap your race number with any other runner outside of the official transfer service via our registration system as this will cause problems for our medical teams and results service. It will also invalidate insurance if the person running with your number is involved in an incident and is extremely dangerous (we will not be able to alert your emergency contact). If race organisers become aware of anyone who swaps their race number they will be disqualified and reported to British Athletics, you will also be banned from all future R4W events. Processes are in place to monitor the swapping of race numbers, including finish line camera technology and social media monitoring. Spot checks will also be in operation at pen entry points.

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