YMCA Cardiff makes a positive difference in two distinct areas: Housing & Homelessness, and Youth/Community. We provide 45,000 bed nights of supported accommodation for the homeless every year, and opportunities for sustainable resettlement in the community. We also help those furthest from the labour market into work through volunteering and training opportunities to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. We also support over 250 young carers and their families; provide sexual health outreach programmes, and deliver youth clubs and other opportunities across the city. We also provide childcare, community rooms and health and wellbeing opportunities 7 days a week.


Who’s running for YMCA?

James Baker – YMCA Support Worker

James, aged 38 ½ is a Support Worker at the YMCA. Not really a running fanatic but likes a challenge having done the Cardiff 10K and served over 10 years in the forces so not a stranger to exercise. His personal goal is around the 2 hour mark and started training again having done nothing but eat chocolate throughout the entire of December!

Mike Morgan – YMCA Support Worker

Mike thinks it would be great to raise funds for a good cause but also set a personal challenge. He has never been a long distance runner but decided to take part in the 2016 Cardiff 10K and really enjoyed it. The Cardiff Half Marathon is a greater challenge which he will nervously look forward to! He’ll set himself a realistic time and hopefully try to beat it.

Natalie Feehan – YMCA Support Worker

Natalie has run the Cardiff 10K twice – in 2009 and 2016. She’s also running her first half marathon in Newport in March 2017 as a warm up for Cardiff Half Marathon in October to support the YMCA.

Andrew Templeton – Chief Executive

Andrew has ran all his life, however he hasn’t ran an event like this for over 7 years. He’s looking forward to the challenge and wondering whether he is anywhere near as fit as he used to be! As he works for the YMCA, this seemed to be the perfect way to give something back to the charity and enjoy himself at the same time!

Anna Hunter – Administrator

Anna has always been a keen runner but never pushed herself to enter a race before. When she heard about taking part in Cardiff Half Marathon and raising money for YMCA Cardiff – it sounded exactly like the fitness goal she’d been looking for as well as a great opportunity to raise money for charity!


Want to join the team?

Contact: Mandy Caddy, 02920 466 381