06.10.13 Cardiff Half Marathon -

Choose A Charity

Running for a charity is an amazing thing to do.

Knowing your run has helped others, gives a huge boost to the satisfaction you’ll feel on finishing the race. You’ll also be more highly motivated during your training and the race itself.

Over 800 charities were represented in 2016, with the total amount raised for good causes in excess of £2.5 million.

If you are looking for a charity to run for, check out our list of Associated Charities below or learn more about our Charity Partner Barnardo’s. If you are a charity email maria.waldron@run4wales.org to find out more about our current charity packages.

Many charity’s have official charity places for the Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon (some available for free or at a discounted rate), so whether you’re yet to register or you’ve already signed up, make sure you remember to inform the charity you have chosen that you’re running for them in the Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon. They will give you your official sponsorship forms, details of how to pay in the money raised and specialist help and support. They may even have discounted spaces for your friends and family to sign up, too.

Good luck with your fundraising, the charity you have chosen needs your help!

If you are looking to raise money as part of your half marathon efforts, why not run for one of our associated charities?

Our list for 2017 is being added to constantly, so please check back regularly and contact the charity directly for fundraising opportunities, discounted spaces and more. 

Associated Charities: